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Who We Are

We have been coordinating leagues and tournaments for 20 years and want to help make your event successful while reducing your workload.


How Does It Work?

Registration & Payment

All registration and payment is collected by win2win. The monies are distributed to you by the morning before the event.


Win2win will communicate with the event coordinator regarding quantity of teams that can be accepted for the event. (This may be based upon field/courts available.)


All scheduling of the event will be handled by win2win with Event Director’s input and consultation. Event director has the option to approve the schedule prior to it being published (highly recommended).


Win2win will email the schedule to your official/referee assignor and will also be responsible to communicate any changes.

Event Changes

Win2win will communicate with teams the schedule and any changes that occur.

The event is responsible for

All staffing costs including officials.

All field/gym costs and coordination. (The event needs to secure the fields/gyms in their area.)


Marketing and promotion (Win2win will assist and advise but cannot guarantee full events on our contacts alone.)

How You Win

Professional scheduling.

No hassle registration for teams.

Money in your hand at the start of the event.  No worrying about chasing down teams who promise to “Pay at the door”.

Your time is available to focus on the efficiency of on-site logistics

Don’t get bogged down with scheduling, communication and requests.

How Teams Win

Schedule available on our app and posted by the deadline you set

Real time schedule updates & scores available on our app

Dedicated professional scheduling that allows for time requests and coaches to coach multiple teams

Scheduling consideration given to traveling teams in regards to game times.

For Youth Basketball Events Only: All events are automatically qualifiers to the State Basketball Championships.

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